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Administrative outsourcing allows you to focus on areas of your business that directly contribute to your success.

Insurance companies and their employer group clients are spending an increasing amount of time providing administrative services that are not core to their business objectives.

  • Is your true expertise in product development, program management and distribution but not plan administration?
  • Do you continue to support antiquated systems in order to provide administrative services to orphaned business?
  • Are your clients shifting administrative responsibilities back to you?

Selman & Company has achieved a recognized level of administrative excellence in partnering with many organizations including some of the largest insurance companies in the world and their employer group clients. These relationships are founded on the recognition that Selman & Company is a firm which delivers the highest quality insurance administration distinguished by organizational integrity. As a result, we are consistently engaged to provide outsourced insurance administrative services.

Technology and Process Solutions:

  • Individual record maintenance in conjunction with group maintenance and reporting
  • Multiple product and insurance carrier maintenance by individual
  • Document scanning and workflow processing
  • Online and self-service capabilities
  • Electronic document retention and distribution
  • Automated enrollment through online and bar code recognition

Following is a representative map of our Outsourcing Partners: