Employee Supplemental Benefits Administration

Brokers Add Value

What’s the difference between an average agent and an indispensable intermediary? Value. Brokers who deliver outstanding value to their customers choose Selman & Company to manage a complex array of insurance programs. It’s a relationship that yields better savings, better margins, and better customer service.

You Be You

If your true expertise is product development, program management and distribution, then venturing into plan administration could risk your profitability. And yet, your clients are asking you to take on a greater share of administrative responsibility. As your outsourcing partner, Selman & Company lets you focus on your core competence. Selman & Company provides a full-range of outstanding insurance administrative services that drive increased revenue and profitability. Our expertise and focus on quality, efficiency, and flexibility helps you:

  • Attract and retain more members, employees and customers
  • Realize higher levels of participation
  • Deliver exceptional service for your customers

Key Voluntary Benefit Services

  • New Client Case Set Up
  • Flexible Billing Modes And Deduction Capabilities
  • Combined Billing Service For Multiple Carriers & Products
  • Simplified Reconciliation of Billing Payments
  • Exclusive Self-Payment Options
  • Allocation and Distribution of All Funds
  • Designated Team for Proactive Support & Communication

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if the carrier wants to retain administration of commissions and/or claims?

A. Selman & Company can tailor full service administration of employee supplemental benefits to meet the needs of a carrier. A carrier can retain the commissions and/or claims administration and we develop an extract to provide required data to the carrier.

Q. How long does it take to get up and running?

A. With a dedicated team at Selman & Company and at the carrier, implementation for a product that has completed the development and filing stages requires a minimum of four months.

Q. How is a carrier able to measure our performance in the administration of their business?

A. We work with each carrier to establish guidelines and standards for all aspects of administration. The standards of performance are captured and provided to the carrier through regular reporting.

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