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Adrianne R. | Account Management
Melinda S. | Accounting & Billing
David S. | President & CEO
Aunerray C. | Customer Service
Heather B. | Marketing

About Us

Our Company

We are an independent organization providing the highest levels of service and flexibility in the design and administration of direct marketed insurance programs.

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In 1905, we began as a Property and Casualty insurance agency. Today, we provide insurance marketing and administrative services to Associations, Credit Unions, Banks, Employers and Insurance Companies.


Key Success Factors

Our ownership structure and management philosophy enables us to work with all of our clients to structure programs and agreements designed to meet each client’s unique needs and objectives.

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Our business has grown organically and through a series of ten strategic acquisitions, beginning in 1980, located throughout the fifty states, the District of Columbia and Canada.


Management Team

Our management team, with over a century of affinity and direct marketing insurance experience and over 75 years of tenure at Selman & Company, is committed to serving our clients and firmly believes it is the key to our growth and success.

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Mission Statement

With integrity and dedication, Our Mission is to consistently and efficiently deliver to our clients extraordinary administrative services.

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