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Our clearinghouse continues to experience outages with their payments and EOBs to our providers.

SelmanCo is actively working on an alternative solution to resume payment and statement services.  We will provide updates as changes are made.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Health care providers who provide medical care services for our TRICARE/CHAMPVA Supplement Plan insureds can find what they're looking for here. We strive to provide accurate and prompt service, and our dedicated professionals are ready to help.

Supplemental Coverage

In general, if the health expense is covered by TRICARE or CHAMPVA, the Supplement Insurance plan will also provide coverage, subject to applicable deductibles and pre-existing condition exclusions. The TRICARE or CHAMPVA Supplement Insurance Plan provides benefits to help pay the insured’s cost share for inpatient and outpatient care, including doctor visits, emergency room care, and prescription medications. The Supplement Insurance Plan also pays 100% of Covered Excess Charges up to the TRICARE/CHAMPVA Legal Limit. Refer to policy for exclusions, limitations, and terms under which the policies can be continued in force or discontinued. The supplement is secondary insurance to TRICARE/CHAMPVA.

Online Eligibility Checker
A provider can check eligibility by calling us at 888-217-7184, option 1 or by using the online Eligibility Checker. Please make sure that you have the patient's Insured ID/Certificate Number (located on the front of the ID card) when requesting coverage or eligibility inquiries.

For assistance with submitting Real-Time eligibility inquiry transactions, contact your Practice Management System Vendor or Change Healthcare Customer Support. Refer to Change Healthcare Payer Dictionaries/Guidelines for detailed descriptions. Updated Payer Lists may be obtained from your software vendor or
Claims Information

Change Healthcare (CHC) is our clearing house, and you will need to complete a free registration to access claims information. If you need help with registration please see your Supervisor or Administrator.


Check Claim Status

For Claims Submitted Electronically:

Contact your Practice Management System Vendor or Change Healthcare Customer Support for assistance with obtaining claim status. Please note you can also obtain claim status via a real-time claim status inquiry. Contact your Practice Management System Vendor for additional information.  

Please allow 30 days from the date you submitted your claim for a claim status to be available. 

For Claims Submitted via Paper Claim Forms:


  • Live Chat
  • Call Center at 800-638-2610
  • Click here:  
    • Please note you will need the phone number and zip code related to the policy.


Please email our customer service team at  A Customer Service Representative will respond within 24 hours. 

Please allow 30 days from the date you submitted your claim for a claim status to be available. 


Check Payment Status

We have two options for you to follow to check the status of your claim. 

1. Call CHC Support Team for service: 

  • EFT Payment Support: 1-866-506-2830 select option 2
  • ERA/Remittance Inquiries: 1-866-742-4355 select Provider - Support - Remittance 

2. Use CHC's Payment Manager for remittance searching, viewing, printing, and downloading EOBs. 

Please allow 30 days from the date you submitted your claim for a status to be available. 


Get Paid for Claims

The Change Healthcare EFT service enables health care providers to have SelmanCo payments deposited electronically into their bank accounts at no cost. 

1. For EFT enrollment, visit Change Healthcare: 

2. For support, making changes, updates, or enrollment issues, please call 866-506-2830

  • EFT Payment Support  Option 2 
  • Enrollment Issue           Option 4

ERA-1, Enrollment Claims Issues-2, Real Time Eligibility-3


Submit a Claim

Please include a copy of the primary EOB with your claim form. Please note, our claims address has changed in 2021.

By Mail: 
Attn: Claims Dept.
PO Box 14043
Lexington, KY 40512

By Fax: 301-926-2621


Payer IDs for Claims

If you have submitted health care claims to SelmanCo for services rendered for your TRICARE or CHAMPVA Supplement Plan insureds, the information below can help you save time. Please note:

  Real Time Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response 270/271 Transactions Real Time Claim Status Inquiry and Response 276/277 Transactions Claim Submission 835/837 Transactions EFT Remit Images
Dates of Service on or After January 1, 2019 Payer ID 52214 Payer ID 52214 Payer ID 52214 Payer ID 52214 Payer ID 52214





For assistance, send us a message. Or, call 800.735.6262.

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