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Health care providers who provide medical care services for our TRICARE/CHAMPVA Supplement Plan insureds can find what they're looking for here. These supplement insurance plans wrap around military health benefits to cover most co-pays, cost shares, and excess charges. (Excess charges will be covered up to the legal limit or the reasonable and customary limit established for each service.) We strive to provide accurate and prompt service and our dedicated team of professionals is ready to help.

Check on Insureds

  • For eligibility, use the online Eligibility CheckerPlease make sure that you have the patient's member ID/Policy number/Certificate number (located on the front of the ID card) when requesting coverage or eligibility inquiries.
  • For assistance with submitting Real-Time transactions, contact your Practice Management System Vendor or Change Healthcare Customer Support. Refer to Change Healthcare Payer Dictionaries/Guidelines for detailed descriptions. Updated Payer Lists may be obtained from your software vendor or

Payer IDs for Claims

If you have submitted health care claims to Selman & Company for services rendered for your TRICARE or CHAMPVA Supplement Plan insureds, the information below can help you save time. Please note:

  Real Time Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response 270/271 Transactions Real Time Claim Status Inquiry and Response 276/277 Transactions Claim Submission 835/837 Transactions EFT Remit Images
Dates of Service Prior to January 1, 2019 Payer ID SLMTC Payer ID SLMTC Payer ID TRSEL Payer ID TRSEL Payer ID TRSEL
Dates of Service on or After January 1, 2019 Payer ID 52214 Payer ID 52214 Payer ID 52214 Payer ID 52214 Payer ID 52214





Sign Up to Get Paid by EFT

The Change Healthcare EFT service enables health care providers to have SelmanCo payments deposited electronically into their bank accounts at no cost. To begin EFT enrollment, or to make changes or updates, visit Change Healthcare:

Submit Claims

Please include a copy of the primary EOB with your claim form.

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Attn: Claims
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By Fax: 1-800-310-5514

For assistance, send us a message. Or, call 800.735.6262.

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