Customer Contact

Superior Service

Our goal is to always deliver superior service in an efficient and empathetic manner. Representatives respond promptly to every inquiry, including the following: 

  • Product availability
  • Application status
  • Billing or payment status
  • Explanation of benefits
  • Claim filing information
  • Reinstatement requests
  • Verifications

Your seamless customer experience interaction is accessible, simple, and straightforward. Whether it's done via phone, online chat, paper, email, or online self-service, our customer contact is designed create satisfied customers. 

Exceeding Standards

Our Customer Contact department continually surpasses the industry standard in the areas of call wait time, abandoned rate and new business processing. Our customer services representatives answer 90% of our calls within 30 seconds, on average, while the industry standard is nearer to 80-85%. Each representative answers between 50-70 calls per day. Nearly 100% of email and voicemail messages receive a response within 24 business hours.

To beat the industry norm of a 2% call abandonment rate, we use a flexible staffing model for customer service representatives. While most companies will record calls at random, SelmanCo records all incoming and outgoing calls within the call center. This allows for proactive coaching and quality control checks. Each week, 5 random calls per representative are selected, reviewed, and discussed to address the quality of our interaction with the caller and the accuracy of the information provided. Most of our contracts require a 95-96% quality score,  yet we regularly achieve 98% or greater quality scores.


In addition to the quality assurance tools, SelmanCo uses Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to monitor the activity and quality levels of our service. We report these indicators daily. Each month, these KPIs are distributed to every customer service representative. Through daily reports we are able to quickly target areas that can be improved, while the monthly reports allow us to see overall trends and track data on a higher level. Some of the KPIs we track include the following:

  • Call Center Total Calls
  • Average Cost Per Call
  • Call Center Service Level
  • Enrollment Activity
  • Claim Activity
  • Pending and Aging of WIP
  • Critical Systems Availability

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