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Our Mission

With integrity and dedication, Our Mission is to consistently and efficiently deliver to our clients extraordinary administrative services.


Integrity | Accountability | Entrepreneurship | Excellence | Respect


Administrative outsourcing allows carriers and brokers to focus on areas of the business that directly contribute to your success. Let us help you cut the operational costs of billing, customer service, claims, and more.

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Military Medical

Employers who hire military members should consider our voluntary TRICARE Supplement insurance plan that provides value, requires no employer contribution, and can be administered with minimal HR resources. Save by creating a viable alternate to your major medical health insurance.

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Associations & Financial Institutions

SelmanCo helps banks, credit unions, affinity groups, and associations recruit and retain members. Add value, generate non-dues revenue, and fulfill your brand promise.

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Employer Supplemental Benefits

SelmanCo provides a wide range of outstanding administrative services for employer supplemental benefits that generate increased revenue and profitability. We can help you deliver extraordinary service and attract more members, employees, and customers.

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Executive Team

SelmanCo’s management team is committed to serving our clients and firmly believes it is the key to the company’s growth and success.

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Cheryl M. Ahmad

Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer


David L. Selman

Managing Director

Brinton Lincoln

Brinton Lincoln

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer


 The Full Team

In addition to the commitment and dedication of its management team, SelmanCo’s staff includes an exceptional number of seasoned professionals with long-term tenure with the company.
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Company Background

SelmanCo began as a property and casualty insurance agency whose roots date back to 1905. For seventy-five years, our corporate focus was geared almost entirely toward property and casualty insurance.

Over the last four decades, the insurance industry evolved in several new directions and so has SelmanCo. Since 1980, our business has expanded through the acquisition of companies specializing in the marketing and administration of insurance programs. During this time, we acquired firms from Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, California, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Ohio.

John L. Selman set the direction of the firm, orchestrated our acquisitions, and developed our management team from 1980 through 2000. At that time, he stepped back from the day-to-day operations of the company to focus on strategic initiatives. David L. Selman, previously responsible for sales, account management and marketing, assumed the role of President in 2001 and was named CEO in 2008. He is the third consecutive generation to take responsibility for this increasingly diverse enterprise.

In 2014, SelmanCo announced two new acquisitions. These additions gave us significantly greater insurance market volume, strengthening our offerings for both our longstanding customers and those who now join us. In 2017, SelmanCo acquired the business and assets of Vision Financial Corporation, a third-party administrator (TPA) of voluntary work site benefits.

Today, SelmanCo provides insurance marketing and administrative services to associations, credit unions, banks, employers, and insurance companies throughout the fifty states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

As your partner, SelmanCo strives to consistently provide extraordinary insurance programs and administrative services distinguished by organizational integrity.



The Freiberger Agency is founded in Cleveland, Ohio.


Cleveland, OH city skyline



Sherman L. Selman and William Mendelsohn acquire Freiberger Agency.


John L. Selman joins the firm, and in 1976, the company is solely owned by the Selmans.


John L. Selman acquires Daniels-Head & Associates of Portsmouth, OH, a nationwide broker and administrator of association sponsored life and health insurance programs. The firm is renamed Selman & Company, Inc. and John L. Selman becomes President, CEO, & Chairman.


John Selman



Selman & Company, Inc. relocates to the Reflections office building on Chagrin Boulevard in suburban Cleveland, setting a course for organic growth in the association marketplace as well as through a strategy of acquiring additional business in this market.


Selman & Company acquires Mayflower Insurance Agency of Palm Springs, California. The company provides marketing and administration of life and health insurance to credit card customers.


1990 marks a critical decade for Selman & Company. The company purchases Davis-Gillingham & Associates, Inc. of Miami, a broker and administrator of life and health insurance for customers of financial institutions. 


Miami, FL city skyline



Selman & Company acquires The Sid Murray Company, of Corpus Christi, Texas; the organization is a broker and administrator for life and health insurance for associations.


Selman & Company acquires Ken Pogue Agency of Nashville, Tennessee which provides brokerage services for accident and health insurance for credit union members.


David L. Selman joins Selman & Company and helps to focus the company on growth in credit union, bank, and association business in lines other than primary medical coverage, which was the dominant insurance product in the company portfolio.


David Selman



Selman & Company contracts with the largest client in its history -- one of the oldest and most successful association insurance programs in the nation -- the B'nai B'rith Members' Insurance Program. B'nai B'rith, headquartered in Washington, DC and founded in 1843, is the oldest Jewish service organization in the world.    


Selman & Company relocates to 6110 Parkland Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio.


6110 Parkland Boulevard, Cleveland, OH



Selman & Company acquires Government Employees Association, Inc. of Greenville and a marketer and administrator of life insurance to government employees. 


In conjunction with this expansion, our family of insurance assets grew to include our first reinsurance company which allowed for the development and implementation of significantly more creative insurance solutions for our clients, customers, partners, and shareholders.





David L. Selman becomes President of Selman & Company.


Selman & Company contracted to provide portability and conversion outsourced administrative services for all employer groups underwritten by Hartford Life Insurance Company.  


David L. Selman becomes CEO of Selman & Company. 


Selman & Company acquires PICA Group Services of Nashville, Tennessee, a broker and administrator of life and health insurance for association members and financial institution customers throughout the United States and Canada.


Nashville, TN city skyline



Selman & Company acquires Association & Society Insurance Corporation of Rockville, Maryland, a broker and administrator of supplemental health insurance for retired members of the United States Armed Forces and their families.


Soldiers walking in front of a large American flag

*Photo Credits: DoD. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

With the purchase of ASI, Selman & Company opens an office in Maryland.

Selman & Company rebrands as SelmanCo.






SelmanCo acquires Vision Financial Corporation, of Keene, New Hampshire, an administrator of employer sponsored voluntary supplemental life and related insurance benefits. In conjunction with the purchase of the assets of ASI in 2017, SelmanCo opens our New Hampshire office.


SelmanCo relocates its headquarters to One Integrity Parkway, Cleveland, Ohio.


Opening of One Integrity Parkway location for SelmanCo



One80 Intermediaries, a specialty insurance broker headquartered in Boston, acquires SelmanCo from the Selman family. This partnership enhances opportunity for employees and expands services to clients and customers.


One80 Intermediaries further establishes leadership in the affinity business with the acquisition of National Insurance Agency of Simpsonville, Kentucky. The business was previously owned and operated by three generations of the Long family, most recently Woodford R. "Woody" Long. 


Boston, MA city skyline






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