Broker Solutions

SelmanCo works with brokers to assist them with the following:


    • selecting best-in-class insurance products, regardless of carrier

    • administering group benefit products, such as combined billing and remittance to carriers

    • increasing plan participation 

    • outsourced administrative functions that allow them to focus on their core business




Benefits are complicated, and brokers are looking for alternatives that allow for an incredible amount of flexibility. With this in mind, SelmanCo works with brokers to design and improve their benefit portfolios. Brokers can choose to incorporate the services and solutions that best fit their employers' workforce and forego insurance and benefit products that don't add value. As coverage needs change over time, plans can easily be adapted. 



Brokers are looking to help their clients tailor and brand the benefits made available. For that reason, many brokers will partner with SelmanCo to customize their insurance products. As an independent insurance administrator, we bring expertise and experience with many plans as well as a knowledge of what works for other brokers. Every employer has different needs based on the populations it employs, and we allow companies to narrow in on the group benefits that make the most sense to build what is appropriate for employers at a reasonable price.


SelmanCo gives brokers the opportunity to grow their business through a number of marketing campaigns. We create a promotional strategy that helps brokers identify their target markets and set measurable goals. Our marketing programs help employees understand why the product or service is beneficial to them and how to take advantage of the offer.


Brokers choose SelmanCo because they know they will have an experienced partner to help manage and control the costs of their clients' programs. We have been in the third party administration industry for more than 40 years. We have the breadth of reach to cut operational costs of billing and claims, and yet, we're small enough to innovate. Our product and industry knowledge powers the solutions that benefit brokers, their employer clients, and the employees who enjoy results of a well-managed benefits program.


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