Why SelmanCo?


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Whether growing a client relationship, helping a customer select the right insurance product or designing a customer-facing web application, we look to the talent of our diverse workforce to drive business solutions. Our 35+ years of success wouldn't be possible without the innovative contributions of our dedicated team. If you're looking for a great job in Cleveland or in Keene, NH, look no further.


At SelmanCo, everyone has a voice. We look for candidates that are curious, tenacious and willing to use their creativity to put ideas into practice. Our corporate structure fosters a culture of collaboration by removing bureaucratic obstacles to sound decision making. Candidates that are team-oriented and have an entrepreneurial drive will find this environment challenging and fulfilling.


Let's grow together. Whether you're an experienced professional or a promising new talent, you'll be challenged by the work, the people on your team and the clients we serve. Our business has grown organically and through a series of ten strategic acquisitions throughout North America, and that's just the beginning. SelmanCo is large enough to invest in the latest technology and small enough to remain nimble and responsive to changing market conditions. This unique environment provides you an opportunity to learn and continuously build your own capabilities.


SelmanCo has a robust wellness program because healthy workers are happier.


Each year our company celebrates two outstanding employees, as well as people who exemplify our values. These award winners are selected by their peers. 

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