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Employers that Currently Offer TRICARE Supplement 

If you have questions about the TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan, you can reach your Client Manager by calling 440.527.6265. You can also find additional information on the TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan here

Payroll Deductions

SelmanCo makes setting up payroll deduction easy and convenient for employers.

Benefits of payroll deduction and how to do it

Employer group will chose how to withhold premium, send in monthly premium using the designation on the implementation set up. 
Use our Online Billing Portal to reconcile your invoices. Followed up with either of the options listed below. 

   A. Clients using 834 Files or Basic Excel File can send enrollments, terminations and changes 
      -   i. Via FTP 
      -   ii. Via secure email to corporate.feeds@selmanco.com  

   B. Clients using PDFs can send enrollments, terminations and changes via secure email to tricareenrollment@selmanco.com  


Effective Date: 1st of each month of hire or 1st of the following month. This is for all terminations, qualifying life events and new hires. 

Automatic Terminations: Employee who celebrates their 65th birthday and dependent children when they attain age 26. 

Incorrect invoices at the online billing portal: Contact Corporatebilling@selmanco.com with a cc to Client Management. 

For detailed FAQS on Employer Payroll Deduction, click here

Find out what our employers with the TRICARE Supplement already know: This voluntary benefit makes sense.

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