Insurance Marketing

Insurance Marketing 

SelmanCo provides group marketing capabilities to reach your members and customers where they are today: online. While paper-based, direct mail is still an integral part of our marketing program, our tactics and procedures also incorporate digital marketing. To reduce cost and improve results, most campaigns today drive members toward online enrollment.


After agreeing to a program and schedule, SelmanCo develops and runs a content marketing campaign for your group. Each product campaign typically features content and communication for each stage of your member’s buyer’s journey: awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage.

Client Contribution

The best part about our marketing programs is that they don't require much effort from clients. Clients work with their client managers to agree on scope, products, and timing. After that, clients simply supply a member list, and the client manager will arrange for deployment of the marketing campaign. Clients also review and approve materials.


  • Engagement: We’re employing more touches with more nurturing than ever before. Your brand is front and center with your members and keeps your value top-of-mind.
  • Business Intelligence: We use a sophisticated marketing automation platform that tracks nearly every aspect of a member’s response. Unlike paper, digital marketing creates data to show where members “fall off” and where they engage. This allows us to help you spot insights and develop your customer relationship management database.
  • TAP:MC: By combining more than 35 years of experience with data-driven digital marketing, we work to improve the ROI, as measured, for example, by Total Annual Premium/Marketing Cost. Ultimately, our success metrics translate directly to the revenue success of our clients.


  • List segmentation and modeling
  • Digital asset creation
  • Direct Mail
  • Web Sites/Online Enrollment
  • Email
  • Inserts/Lead Generators
  • ATM/Branch Messaging
  • Upgrade Offers, Cross Sells, Statement Stuffers
  • Social media, paid social media advertisements, pay-per-click
  • Content marketing

For more than 35 years, we have functioned as a trusted marketing partner for more than 70 banks and credit unions. SelmanCo currently manages insurance marketing campaigns and activity for nearly 800 client groups including annual direct mail volume of over 10 million pieces. 

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