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Adrianne R. | Account Management
Melinda S. | Accounting & Billing
David S. | President & CEO
Aunerray C. | Customer Service
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Selman & Company is an independent organization providing the highest levels of service and flexibility in the design and administration of direct marketed insurance programs. We support our business partners by providing best of class insurance administration, brokerage and marketing to members or customers of groups that share some commonality:

  • Associations
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Employers

We have repeatedly demonstrated value to our client partners by developing products and capabilities that best meet the needs of their members and customers. Selman & Company continuously invests in the technology and resources needed to deliver outstanding customer service and the most efficient processes for our clients.

Our corporate structure removes bureaucratic obstacles to sound decision making and assures a long-term outlook in working with our partners to deliver flexible, responsive and economical solutions on an on-going basis.

Our strong familial culture that emphasizes values and results and our commitment to our business partners and the markets we serve have been keys to our success as an industry leader with demonstrable growth.


Following is a representative map of our Client Partners:


Selman & Company is a proud member of the Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PIMA) & the American Institute of Professional Association Group Insurance Administrators (AIPAGIA).