Billing and Collection

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Billing & Collection

Selman & Company is able to maintain the billing experience to which members or customers are accustomed. We can create timing rules within our administrative system that are flexible and customizable. If needed, additional modes and methods are available, including EFT/ACH/PAC, which can improve customer experience and therefore, drive retention.

The flexibility of our administrative system allows us to calculate premium rates in virtually any conceivable way including, but not limited to: level premium rates, composite rates, age banded rates, smoker/non-smoker rates, primary/spouse/family rates, state and zip code rates, rates based on the older age of primary insured or spouse, gender-based rating and unit rating.  We also have the flexibility to include modal factors, policy fees and billing fees, that may vary by billing method and mode, within the premium or shown separately from premium on direct-billed premium notices.

Available Modes

Available Methods


Direct Bill




Credit Card


List Bill/Payroll Deduction


Self-Administered Bill



For all of our billing methods: Direct-bill, EFT/ACH/PAC, Credit Card, List bill (payroll deduction), and self-administered bill, the timing rules that are set within the administrative system are flexible and customizable.