Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Policies


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We handle administrative services for many different insurance carriers. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions by our insureds. If you do not see the answer to your question below, you may chat with a Customer Service Representative online, log into our self-service policyholder portal, or call our Customer Contact Center at 800-735-6262.

How to find policy information

What is the "Paid To" date on the policy?

This is the latest date to which the policy holder has made the required premium payments. 


Can I get a copy of the policy?

You can get a copy of your policy documents, along with any other correspondence that pertains to your policy, by logging onto our eService policyholder portal. These documents are located under the "Correspondence" tab.


What is the benefit amount of the policy?

The benefit amount or “amount of coverage” can change from the original amount purchased at time of enrollment. Many policies can decrease in benefit as the insured gets older. If you are not the insured, you must send Durable Power of Attorney (POA) to our office before we can answer any questions.  To find your most updated benefit amount, you may chat with a Customer Service Representative online, log into our self-service policyholder portal, or call our Customer Contact Center at 800-735-6262. 

Eligibility Checker


Who is the beneficiary?

Supplemental coverage is only shared with the named insured. If you did not name a beneficiary, or you want to insure you have an updated beneficiary listed, you may complete a Change Beneficiary form located on the eService policyholder portal, or you may download a form by clicking   

Increase your coverage

If you've been notified that you have the option to increase your coverage, and you wish to do so, follow the instructions on the letter or email.

Information about your insurance policy

If you've received some information about your policy, and you have a question, have the letter and/or your policy number handy when you contact us.

Your carrier changed

Sometimes, groups that offer insurance to their members want to switch to a new insurance company (aka, insurance carrier). When this happens, we will work with the group to transfer an existing policy to another insurance carrier. In most cases, the coverage remains the same, and there is nothing you need to do. Sometimes, you need to acknowledge the change has happened. If you have a carrier change notice, follow the directions on your letter or contact us for help.

You received a takeover notice

Sometimes an insurance company (aka, insurance carrier) will take over insurance policies from another carrier. We assist with this kind of transfer of an existing policy to another insurance carrier. In most cases, the coverage remains the same, and there is nothing you need to do. Sometimes, you need to acknowledge the change has happened. If you have a takeover notice, follow the directions on your letter or contact us for help.

Correspondence related to your policy

Sometimes an event occurs and we need to verify some information or request information from you. If you have a letter like this, please have it handy when you contact us, or reference it in your message.


How do I submit my claim?

If you need to start the claim process for any type of policy, other than Tricare Supplement, please call our Customer Service Department. A Customer Service Representative will begin the claims process. 

To file a claim for Tricare or CHAMPVA Supplement plan, you may find a Claim form on the Correspondence & Forms tab.

Claims may be sent to the following: 

Attention Claims:
P O Box 14043
Lexington, KY  40512

Or via fax: 301-926-2621

What is the turnaround time to process claims?

Most of our claims are processed within five business days from the date received. Some claims may take longer due to missing information, pre-existing clause may be active, changes may be needed (for example, adding a newborn to the policy).


Why did I receive more money than what I submitted?

If claims are not processed within state timely pay guidelines, we are required to pay interest.


How long do I have to submit my claim?

Claims must be submitted to the supplement plan within 24 months of the later of: (1) the date of service (when using Prime co-payment receipt), (2) the date on which TRICARE/CHAMPVA processed the claim, or (3) the date the prescription was purchased.


How do I appeal a claims decision?

Claims decisions may be appealed in writing within 180 days of the denial. The covered person and/or provider should submit all supporting documentation with the appeal. The covered person and/or provider will be notified of the review decision within 30 days of the appeal being submitted. Please clearly mark your document as an Appeal. Appeals should be mailed to the following address:

Attention Claims 
P O Box 1404
Lexington, KY  40512

Beneficiary information

Your insurance offers valuable financial protection to you and your family. To help ensure your insurance benefits are paid according to your wishes, it's important to "designate" (choose) your beneficiaries. 

What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person or estate that receives, or is to receive, the benefit payment from your insurance policy at your death. Family, in-laws, friends, domestic partners, charitable organizations, and trusts all qualify as beneficiaries. Minor children can be beneficiaries, too, but claim payments must go to the duly appointed guardian of the child's estate. 

How many beneficiaries can you designate?

You'll be able to designate one or more Primary and Contingent Beneficiaries and assign percentages. Percentage totals for both Primary and Contingent Beneficiaries must each total 100 percent. The Primary Beneficiary receives the life insurance payment if you die. The Contingent Beneficiary is an alternate beneficiary who only receives the payment if the Primary Beneficiary dies before you do. Although it's optional, it is recommended that you name a Contingent Beneficiary. In short, it will make things simpler for your loved ones in the long run. 

Why can't I see my beneficiary information on the eService portal?

When available, SelmanCo stores beneficiary information separate from policy holder information. This is due to different state rules regarding beneficiary designation as well as unique and specific guidelines from insurance companies. To request a copy of your beneficiary designation, please contact customer service by clicking “Contact Customer Service” link on any eService page. 

Changing your beneficiary

If there are proceeds from an insurance policy, the primary beneficiary is the designated person who will receive the proceeds when the insured person dies. Changing beneficiaries is easy to do, if you complete the correct paperwork. Each insurance company uses its own change form. Contact us for yours.

Premium payments

Grace Period – A policy holder has a grace period of 31 days to make their payment before a policy will lapse.


Why can’t I pay with credit card the last two days of the month?  

You can still make a payment; however, you need to select the first day of the following month.  Payments do not process on the last two days of the month. A note will be placed on your record showing you created the transaction timely. 


Where can I mail my payment?  

You may make a one-time payment on the Policyholder Portal. If you prefer to mail your payment, the address to mail your payment is the following:

PO Box 92920
Cleveland, OH 44194

What happens if I think I made my payment twice?

If multiple payments for the same policy are made on the same date, the system will only process the first payment. All other payments will be voided.  This sometimes occurs when the Submit button is clicked multiple times.

If I make a one-time payment and have reoccurring payments already scheduled, will my account get deducted twice?

Yes, the system views these as two separate transactions.  

EFT, electronic funds transfer, eChecks

Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, is a method of payment that allows you to make premium payments directly from your bank account. A number of steps are involved to ensure the funds are sent as accurately and securely as possible. However, after you have EFT set up, you'll never forget a payment again.

If you need assistance, please send us a message or call 800.735.6262.

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